Friday, November 19, 2010


Wondering how people deal with conflict without getting themselves into a "tizzy"? I always find myself feeling torn apart.
Dealing with committee members about holiday preparations at church are my latest "bump" in the road. No one came forward to make plans. I made the plans since I couldn't get a hold of anyone and lo and behold now everyone knows the best way to do this! Really? My first reaction was to get angry and say, "Just because that's the way you've always done it doesn't mean that's the best way!" Then I stepped back and looked inside myself and thought well that's what they're comfortable with and who am I to interfere. I'm just the chairperson which doesn't mean I own the committee, just guide it. When those being guided don't want to be, what's a person to do?
My next inclination is to be resigned to their protests....go ahead, do it your own way, it's one less thing for me to do, you figure it all out. Less work for me. I'll make sure you get full credit~one way or the other. Not a very Christian attitude, I know.
So, what's a person to do? Think I'll talk to some trusted confidants and get their take on this....I don't want my committee hijacked but I also don't want to be a dictator. That's not the way it's supposed to work......Woe is me!
On the homefront, the house is shaping up nicely. All the wood floors have been refinished with Rejuvenate. I love that stuff. Makes older wood floors look lovely. My handmade Christmas gifts are coming along nicely. I ordered the gifts for my grandsons. Still debating on my daughters.....hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Still don't know what the holidays will bring. My husband has said nothing. It's like the 800lb. gorilla in our house! I don't need gifts, a tree, I just want to be with my family...including him. I keep praying and listening for God's answer. I know I'll hear it if I can just quiet myself down enough and be still.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Keeping House

When I was very tiny my Mom used to say that keeping house kept her busy all day long and I used to think, "Where is she keeping it?". Guess I was a literal kid.
Now, I spend a lot of time, keeping house. Keeping it clean. Keeping it tidy. Keeping it organized. Hmmmm, why? Part of it is that I can't stand to be disorganized. If things are out of place it is as though they are looking at me saying, "put me away" . Plus, if I put it away where it belongs, there is a good chance I'll be able to find it the next time I look for it.
Now, picking up after my other half is another story, totally. He's a slob. I can finally admit it. He's a slob and his slobby ways drive me nuts! Why is it so difficult to put the bread back in the breadbox, the butter back in the butter bell and the trash in the trash can. I thought if I left it where he did that sooner or later he'd notice and pick up after himself. Pipe dream! He not only doesn't seem to notice, if by some weird chance he does, he just walks past it. Who does he think puts all the stuff away? There are only two of us in the house, three if we count the little dog but quite frankly I'm pretty sure he doesn't think the dog picks up after him. Guess he just doesn't care. At times he even seems amused to see me picking up and cleaning. Maybe I should go on strike....nah, probably wouldn't bother him in the least and I'd go nuts! I'd have a huge mess to clean up in the end and not have gained anything. Think I'll need a glass of wine before dinner tonight.
Holidays are coming and I'm getting more depressed with every day. Last year neither of the kids could come and it doesn't look like they can this year either. My husband shows no inclination of offering to take me back home so we can celebrate with the kids even though last year he knew I was miserable. He doesn't particularly like Christmas so my celebrations have always been focused around the girls and now the grandsons. I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to leave him and quite frankly I'm not sure I'm capable of making the 800 mile drive alone but I don't want another Christmas like last year.
Maybe Santa will bring me a case of wine and I won't care. Well, a girl can hope, can't she? I guess it will work out as it should. I just wish I knew what that was. Hope everyone else is having a wonderful time with the approaching holidays.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Summer's gone....

How the heck did that happen? One morning it was almost too chilly to sit out on the deck in the early hours of the day and the next day it is again getting too chilly to sit out on the deck at dawn. Summer went so quickly this year.
I however have been on the go and busy.
A trip to Edisto Island with my daughter was wonderful. Sitting with our feet in the ocean and being completely absorbed by our books is the best way to enjoy the hot summer days!
Then came the call from my middle grandson telling me how much he missed me and that he needed me. Who can turn down that kind of a plea from a not-quite six year old? So, off I went to NY with my daughter driving which was quite possibly my biggest leap of faith this year. However, the trip was worth every bit of the 14 hour drive when I saw my grandson's little face. A smile that could break your heart. My other two grandsons were happy to see me, too, but my Ducky needed to spend some quality time with his Amma.
We built with Lego blocks, played with his Playmobile medieval knights and castles (Amma was annihilated by the canons), Amma learned how to race Hotwheel cars on a Wii game, shared story books, Amma taught the Duck how to read, we went to church and we watched Disney movies during the long, hot afternoons. It was 2 weeks of bliss for both of us. The Big Guy was happy when his Papa showed up but the Duck was not happy that I had to go home. The baby, Snugglebunny, obviously is more of a Papa's boy than Amma's. Three grandsons are our gift from the Lord for having loved their Mama even when she made us want to pull out our hair!
Since coming home, I have been caught up with crafting and sewing as well as getting ready for a return visit to the north for our daughter's wedding. The two big boys are giving their Mama away so Papa and I get to watch the festivities together and save seats for the boys.
And so the summer went. Thursday will be the Duck's birthday. He'll be six and it will be the first day of autumn. If I miss anything, it's autumn in NY so this year I'll get to celebrate my daughter's wedding and enjoy the loveliest time of the year. Lucky me.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Mornings

Well, I managed to have a successful Easter holiday with my entire family...everyone was here and got along. I guess they are officially grown-up now. It truly was lovely to have everyone home.
Now, I've been busy outside trying to get my yard cleaned up and the deck ready for the long summer. I love to sit outside in the morning and have my morning coffee, read the paper and do crosswords and Boggle. Our neighborhood is very quiet in the morning and I do so enjoy watching all the birds at the birdbath and the squirrels scampering all over the neighborhood.
I did easy planting this year, just some annual dianthus in the window boxes that sit on the deck rail. I splurged on one beautiful tuberous begonia as they reminded me of the ones I bought back in NY when we lived up there. In front of the house, I planted perennials as my aim is to get most of the gardens there pretty and easy care.
I'm still struggling with how to blog, whether I want to blog and when...guess I'll keep at it until I made my decision.
Next time, perhaps I'll "babble" about some of the crafts I pursue.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Well, now that I've set up my own blog I'll have to see how I can best use it. Right now, I am preparing for the visit of my youngest daughter and her family for a week at Easter. That will mean looking at all the "stuff" I've stashed in the two guest rooms and getting them cleared out and ready.
I get calls regularly from our oldest grandson to remind me that they are coming and that Amma should stock the pantry (with all his favorite foods) and figure out what we'll be doing while they are here. Seven year olds are so blunt and delightful!
Inbetween, I'll be sewing an Easter outfit for my youngest grandson and little stuffed rabbits to be handed out at a local heart clinic.

Just beginning...

You will all have to give me some space while I figure out this "blogging" thing. I have loved journaling since I was in college but didn't quite know how to get started. If I screw it up....well, that's how I'll learn.